Terrible arms transport found by officers aboard a ship in Glasgow in front of COP26

Police have found a drag of fearsome weapons on a ship docked in Glasgow ahead of the big COP26 climate conference.

The vessel was searched in Govan on Thursday, where a penknife, a Swiss pocket tool, a hammer and a set of nun chucks were discovered.

Police destroyed the weapons aboard the ship – which was in the area directly across the Clyde River from the SEC campus, which will host the world’s dignitaries for the big summit that begins tomorrow.

The news came amid reports last night that a BB gun and knife had also been found in a parking lot in Greenock.

Preparatory work inside Hydro ahead of the COP26 climate conference to be held at the SEC in Glasgow.
Preparatory work inside Hydro ahead of the COP26 climate conference to be held at the SEC in Glasgow.

A spokesman for Scotland said: “Police Scotland have not been involved in any searches of vessels linked to COP26.

“On Thursday, officers involved in a routine project server visit to a ship in Govan were handed over four items that had been discarded on board and recovered by security personnel.

“These were bypassed by police officers for destruction. The items consisted of a small penknife, a Swiss card pocket tool, a ‘crushing glass’ hammer and a set of nuns’ cartridges.

“There is no information to suggest that these items were used in crime or were intended for this purpose.”

A spokesman added: “Last night a spokesman for Scotland said from police: ‘We received a report that a knife and a BB pistol had been found in a car park on Port Glasgow Road, Greenock.

“This was reported around 3.20pm on Tuesday following a routine search by security personnel.

“Inquiries are at an early stage to ascertain the full circumstances.”

SEC, where the summit will be held, and US President Joe Biden
SEC, where the summit will be held, and US President Joe Biden

Plans are in place for a major security operation by Police Scotland for the major event, which runs from Sunday 31 October to 12 November for the UN General Assembly.

Chief Constable Iain Livingstone told a COP briefing that the situation could get “pretty messy” when protesters take to the streets.

World leaders including Prime Minister Boris Johnston, US President Joe Biden and various other presidents and heads of state from around the world will head down to Scotland’s largest city for the event.

Protests are planned from climate activist groups such as Extinction Rebellion – which start today.

Livingston warned protesters that a ‘robust response’ would be used for anyone who ‘intends to have violent disorder and harm’.

He said: “We want to protect the rights of people who want to protest peacefully at Cop26, balanced against the rights of the wider community.

“But to those who are preoccupied with violent disorder and harm, to those who seek to disrupt the climate conference that is actually taking place, I have a clear message.

“We will respond quickly and we will respond robustly.

“At times, and I have been aware of the Prime Minister about this over the last few weeks and months to make this very clear and to British Ministers, it may well look quite messy when you look at the visual images, that will be created.

“It is so important that the rule of law that protest is legitimate and reasonable, but it does not interfere with the work of the conference.

“Robust measures will mean physical commitment for protesters to ensure that the conference can continue.”

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