The Must See Places in London

Heading to London in the near future? It’s truly a historical and cultural sight for sore eyes, and can be pretty beautiful when you take a serious look at some of its famously known architecture and art spread generously throughout the city. But what are some of the places you’ll absolutely need to stop by and see while you’re in the city?

That depends on exactly what you would like to see or experience while you’re in London, whether you’d like to absorb the culture, take a good look at the history, or just admire some of its famous beauty. 

Things can get even more interesting if there’s a particular subset of history or present-day culture that you’d like to explore while on your visit to London.

Additionally, it can be pretty useful to be better prepared and know some tricks of the traveling trade while you’re in the area, especially if you’ve never been to London before. If you’re looking for accommodation, then you might want to try staying at Marriott County Hall Hotel for a very British break.

Head to Primrose Hill

If you’re around Camden, try and head over to Primrose Hill if you can manage it, which  is only a ten-minute walk from Camden Town, and seeing this beautiful little park is truly a lovely sight to see.

It’s known as one of the original royal hunting grounds of Henry VIII, making it a little bit of a historical landmark. Additionally, it’s the home of an oak tree that’s been dubbed “Shakespeare’s Tree.” This is because the tree was originally planted in 1864, commemorating the birth of Shakespeare, the poet and playwright.

Not only is this park a great spot for its historical attractions, but it’s also a pretty place to visit. This is highly considered to be a great place for a little picnic if you’re in the area, and it also offers a fantastic view of some of the more northern parts of London.

So if a picnic sounds lovely to you, it doesn’t hurt to take a walk from one of the many pubs in Camden Town to Primrose Hill, and then enjoy a little bit of lunch with any of your travel mates, or even on your own. It’s a truly calming and gorgeous place to be.

Tread Lightly in Highgate Cemetery

If you’ve got a taste for the unusual, it might interest you to visit Highgate Cemetary while you’re in London. This is largely because it’s well-known as one of the city’s creepiest cemeteries.

It’s alleged that magicians would fight against each other in the cemetery, as well as that mobs would run through the area with stakes with their intentions set on hunting down vampires in the area.

Tip #1: Utilise the Public Transport to Get Around London

London is additionally well-known for its fantastic public transportation system, allowing many tourists and commuters alike to get around the city cheaply and quickly. In particular, it’s a good idea to use the trains or tube to get around. 

Or, if you’d like to watch the city from the street view, it’s also a great idea to use the bus systems. The buses can get you around fairly quickly as well, although not as fast as the trains might be able to. However, the buses allow you to see more of the architecture as you travel from place to place.

Tip #2: Keep Your Luggage Safe with Luggage Storage

While London is a great tourist’s destination, it’s of the utmost importance to keep your belongings close and safe in order to have a good time while you’re visiting.

But what if you would rather focus on having a good time instead of keeping an eye on your bags all of the time, especially if you’ve already checked out of your hotel and you still want a place to keep your items safe? One bit of advice is getting luggage storage in London , which is also extremely convenient if you’re only planning on visiting for just the day. 

So especially if you want to try and make the most of your time while you’re visiting the city, getting luggage storage wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to consider. While London itself won’t necessarily be offering storage for your bags around the city on its own, there are many reputable third party companies that you can look into that are willing to give you different options.

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