The NB government is locking out some school staff as students move on to online learning on Monday


The New Brunswick government is locking out all unnamed school staff in two local CUPE populations as a result of the ongoing public sector strike.

The two CUPE rooms are 1253 and 2745, which include custodians, bus drivers, school library assistants and administrative support, and a range of educational assistants.

Education Minister Dominic Cardy said at a news conference Sunday that the move is to provide stability for students, parents and guardians over the next few days as students move on to online learning on Monday.

“CUPE has shown unpredictability across the province and has created an unstable climate for teachers, students and parents,” Cardy said in a statement.

“We want to make sure families are able to plan ahead and not wonder what the next day will bring. This will help establish as much stability and continuity in learning for New Brunswickers as we possibly can, and that That’s why we are implementing this lock-out in our school system. “

More than 3,000 employees have been locked out as a result of these measures. Designated workers are not covered by the lock-out.

The province says students will continue to learn from home until the strike is over.

School sports will continue, but indoor school facilities will not be available for use.


The strike action from CUPE has been extended to Moncton, Saint John and Campbellton hospitals, all of which are in COVID-19 switch regions in the province.

CUPE’s actions continue to affect cleaning, supply chain, vaccination clinics, COVID-19 assessment centers and COVID-19 screening at all hospitals and facilities, the province said in a statement.

Patients and clients can also expect longer waiting times across the healthcare system, including registration, throughout the strike.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Blaine Higgs said he was examining his chances of ending the strike of 22,000 CUPE members after the job campaign affected health care over the weekend.

Higgs said he could use the county’s emergency law to force employees back to work, but it will take the next 24 hours to weigh his options.

Medical services in New Brunswick have been hit by a public sector strike.

At least one COVID-19 vaccination clinic has been closed in Fredericton.

Higgs said the strike also meant COVID-19 screens were not available at some hospitals and other facilities.

The strikers include school bus drivers, custodians, mechanics, some health care workers in rehabilitation and therapy, education support staff, transport and infrastructure workers and community college workers.

None of the sides move, which means that workers take turns from kl. 6.00 to kl. 22.00

Before the negotiations broke down, the union sought a 12 percent increase over four years without conditions. The government confirmed on Thursday that it is offering a wage increase of 8.5 percent over a five-year period.

Higgs has said the government’s offer is similar to agreements reached in the fall with three other negotiating units. Likewise, his government has promised to increase the wages of freelancers by 20 percent, improve pension coverage and provide an average of $ 3,200 retroactively.

The union has pointed out that the government announced its fourth budget surplus in a row earlier this month.

CUPE representatives say they will be in different places over the weekend and they expect the strike to continue next week.

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