The Northern Lights are visible only 2 hours from London tonight – here’s what to look for

Northern Lights – or as the eggheads call it, Aurora Borealis – is something you want to associate more with Norway than Norfolk.

But this spectacular celestial view may be visible over the East Anglian landscape tonight (October 30) and early tomorrow morning, the Met Office has stated.

A spokesman for the forecaster said: “Look north! Parts of Britain may see Aurora Borealis tonight.

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The chances of seeing the Northern Lights tonight

“Increased geomagnetic activity gives places as far south as Norfolk a chance to see the Northern Lights.”

The phenomenon is caused by solar winds.

It appears as bright muffled clouds in the sky, often with hints of green, red and pink.

Although it is often visible in northern countries such as Iceland, Norway and Canada, it sometimes reaches further south.

The Met Office has said observations are possible along the north Norfolk coast.

The meteorologically minded among you should go to Norfolk for this rare opportunity just two hours from London.

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