The Ottawa Fall Home Show is back

Shutdowns have made us appreciate our homes and notice all the work they need.

After being canceled last year due to the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ottawa Fall Home Show is back and tens of thousands are expected to attend this weekend. If you are planning to do a renovation of your house, this is the place to start.

Some participate in the show with a serious to-do list. While others, like Corol Pasieka and her sister Connie Brophy, are happy to just browse.

“It’s great to be out and have something normal back in our lives again,” Pasieka says.

“Just excited,” Brophy says. “Like Carol said, come out, see different things. New products.”

The Ottawa Home Show has a maximum capacity of 7,000 people, and anyone over the age of 12 must be fully vaccinated if they want to see any of the 150 exhibits at the EY Center.

People can find everything they need here to upgrade their house. From bathrooms and kitchens to roofs and windows.

Showman Robert Johnstone says this year so far has been just as busy as any other.

“By Thursday, we were pretty much in line with the amount of bodies that came through, pre-pandemic,” Johnstone says. “In fact, it’s like a wide range of products and services, local, most of them that can help people with their home projects.”

The sellers are just as happy to be back. For them, it is a chance to meet potential customers face to face in a relaxed environment without pressure.

“It feels great to be back again and see people,” says Antonia Vos of Roofs of Steel. “There’s nothing like meeting people in person.”

Brittany Balics of Riner’s Originals adds: “Being back with so many people, connecting with the customers, it’s really great.”

Marlene Nicholas of Oakwoods Renovations says, “It gives us good exposure, and we get to talk to people, and they can figure out what we’re up to.”

The Ottawa Home Show is a great venue, meaning anyone walking can do a number on your feet. Which makes Dawson Scott from BackPlus one of the more popular pit stops in the store.

“With our massagers, we have feet, necks, backs,” Scott says. “Especially at the end of the day, we have a full booth here, and it’s hard to get people out. It almost takes an eject button.”

If you’re still looking for tickets, you can find them here. Be sure to use the promotional code “CTV” for a 50 percent discount.

The Ottawa Fall Home Show runs until Sunday, October 31st.

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