There is a fight between passengers on the Delta flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles – Video

ATLANTA (KABC) – A Delta Airlines passenger was arrested Friday morning at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport after he collided with another passenger on a plane en route to Los Angeles, according to local police.

Curtis Maurice Clayton, 30, was arrested on charges of battery and interference in state property, the Atlanta Police Department said in a press release.

Police said the fight began when Clayton began arguing with German Montez, the man sitting behind him in the plane. Clayton was reportedly upset that Montez was putting something in the pocket of his backrest, and a fight escalated to a fight.

Video of the fight, which is now the subject of an investigation, showed two men arguing in the hallway while a couple of people tried to stop the fight. One of the men appeared to have blood on his face.

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Clayton was held by a passenger, according to the press release.

Police said Clayton was “uncooperative” with officers and damaged a police vehicle during the investigation.

The incident is the latest in an alarming rise in disorderly conduct among passengers on flights since the start of the pandemic.

Earlier this week, a flight from New York to Orange County was diverted to Denver after a man allegedly assaulted a flight attendant from American Airlines.

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