These Neil Gaimans books deserve film adaptations of Netflix ‘The Sandman

For the past 20 years, Neil Gaiman’s works have been a fruitful source for both film and television series – From Darkness Coraline to the light-hearted Star dust and from polarization American gods to great success Good alerts. The latest and possibly the most ambitious project brings Gaiman’s critically acclaimed graphic novel series, The Sandman, to Netflix.

With a dark and imaginative story, Gaiman as executive producer and an excellent cast that includes Charles Dance, Gwendoline Christie, Jenna Coleman and Stephen Fry, The Sandman has all the potential to become a fan favorite. However, there are other, as yet unadapted stories of Neil Gaiman that may even overshadow it … if they ever get a chance.

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Neil Gaiman Cemetery Book

Think of it as a gloom Jungle book. Whose The Jungle Book was packed with supernatural beings, magic, alternate dimensions, secret orders, and relentless assassins. It is a heartwarming and action-packed adult tale of Nobody “Bod” Owens, who was adopted and raised by the ghost of the cemetery after the murder of his parents. The book introduces amazing creatures, sets the rules for the underworld and its inhabitants, has unexpected twists and so much human non-human characters.

Originally, The cemetery book should be directed by Henry Selick, who has previously turned to Gaimans Coraline into a stop-motion dark fantasy animated film, but the bet was put on hold. Walt Disney Studios later announced that Ron Horward, the director of Star wars spin off Solo: A Star Wars story, was linked to the project. The only indication that the promised live-action film is happening was a brief 2018 statement from Sean Bailey, the studio’s production manager, who said that The cemetery book was something they were excited about.

neil gaiman anansi boys on prime

It is a tale of two brothers who are reunited after the death of their father, the fraternal rivalry, women’s problems, betrayal and reconciliation. It seems standard enough, right? But throw it in the mix that their father is an arachnid African trickster god Anansi (formerly seen in American gods), one of the brothers possesses supernatural powers and assumes the identity of his sibling (with all the unfortunate consequences), a murder and a subsequent haunted and ancient murderous gods – and that is a completely different story.

In 2014, Red Production Company announced that it was starting work on the BBC mini-series – the project that never happened. But now Amazon Prime Video has given the green light to a six-episode limited series with plans to start recording later this year. Neil Gaiman works as a co-showrunner alongside Douglas Mackinnon, who has previously worked on Good alerts. Considering that second season of Good alerts is also in production, the release date may be delayed to 2023.

neil gaimans snow, glass, apples

The story is written by the victors – and so are the fairy tales. What if the evil stepmother was not the villain of the story anyway? What if Snow White was the one who murdered his father and planned to kill her stepmother and take over the kingdom – and he succeeded. Skin white as snow, lips red as blood and hair black as ebony. Imagine that for a moment. Doesn’t that sound like an ordinary portrayal of a vampire? This dark, cool version of Snow white is retold from her stepmother’s point of view, and it’s NOT a children’s story. But it would be an excellent psychological fantasy horror film. If Guillermo del Toro takes over as director, it could become a worthy successor to Crimson Peak and Pans labyrinth.

Currently, there is only one Dark Horse Comics adaptation and one audio drama produced by Sci-Fi Channel and Seeing Ear Theater.

the truth is a cave in the black mountains Neil Gaiman

Deep in the Scottish Highlands there is an intangible Misty Isle. On that island there is a cave that is said to hold countless riches, seemingly free to take – but there is always a price. Every time one returns to the cave, their soul is destroyed. In the story, a ‘little man’ gets help from another, Calum MacInnes, to guide him to the cave. What starts as a hunt for hidden treasures turns into a dark tale of revenge and unfulfilled promises. The haunted surroundings of old Scotland are already cinematic, the characters are elaborated, and their stories are gradually and inevitably revealed, and the plot is resolved in an ultimate twist. This short story is practically a script, ready to be turned into a horror thriller.

Unfortunately, there are no known plans for customization The truth is a cave in the black mountains. In 2014, Neil Gaiman performed this story as part of a multimedia event at Carnegie Hall, accompanied by the FourPlay String Quartet and illustrations by Eddie Campbell.

neverwhere by neil gaiman

It’s an urban fantasy tale that teaches its readers never ever to help stranger girls who bleed on the street … unless they want to be thrown into a world parallel to ours and inhabited by monsters, angels, pale girls in black velvet and royal courts on the move. in the carriage of a London Underground train. Unfortunately for him, Richard Mayhew did not know. From the moment he helped Lady Door, he ceased to exist on Earth and could only be seen by the inhabitants of Neverwhere, also known as London Below. Richard is stuck in the middle of the underground power struggle and has no choice but to help Lady Door find people responsible for the murder of her family, and Richard must go through many challenges before he can return home.

Funny enough, Never places was originally developed in 1996 as a television series for BBC Two and then adapted by Gaiman into a novel. In 2015, Francis Lawrence, who previously directed Constantine, was supposed to start working on the TV adaptation of the book, but the project never took off. In 2013, BBC Radio launched an audio dramatization of Never places with an excellent cast that included James McAvoy, Natalie Dormer, Benedict Cumberbatch, Christopher Lee and Anthony Head. In a perfect world, precisely these actors would bring the characters to the screen. But so far, the prospects for this book adaptation are still small.

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