Toronto had a secret all-white dinner party last night

Toronto’s exclusive, bougie all-white dinner party happened last night and the event was definitely a sight to be seen.

Diner en Blanc (DEB) returned for its ninth edition in Toronto, but the dinner party orginally began with François Pasquier’s event in Paris nearly 30 years ago.

Its foundation was simply a party where everyone in attendance dressed in all white, and had to wait to learn about the venue location until the very last minute.

Once the venue is revealed, everyone flocks to the location for food, drinks and live entertainment in their best, strictly white outfit.

The last Diner en Blanc party in 2019 was held at Roundhouse Park.

Last night, guests waited near their chosen form of transportation, whether a chartered bus, the TTC, Uber or by foot, until the venue’s location was announced.

This year’s sold-out DEB event was hosted at Ontario Place where 1,500 people flocked to the airy waterfront venue.

The exclusive dinner party requires guests to curate their own menu for the evening, but this year there were two different food experiences guests could sign up for.

The first was the chef’s table where you were served a menu from Chef Patrick Kriss of Alo and the catering company Food Dudes. The second was a market experience where guests were able to pick up their prepackaged items, emulating a mini Parisian-style market at the event.

Guests were also responsible for bringing their own table, chairs, dinnerwear, utensils, wine glasses as well as white table cloth, plus any white decor for their table.

Just like every year, guests never disappoint with their outfits and are always dressed to impress.

The signature napkin wave signalled the start of dinner with all 1,500 guests waving their napkins in the air simultaneously.

Once the sun went down, sparklers were handed out to keep the night lit.

The venue also had multiple selfie booths so guests were able to get the perfect photo to capture their all-white outfit.

There was also a live DJ to keep the party going, while guests hit the dancefloor to dance the night away.

Diner en Blac is all about getting dressed up, having fun with your friends and enjoying some of the finer things in life in a secret location.

Lead photo by

 Kennedy Pollard and Matt Tibbo

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