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UPDATE: Union members will vote on Nov. 2 on whether to accept the new proposed deal reached Saturday between UAW and John Deere’s parent company.

UAW Local 838 in Waterloo announced the vote on their Facebook page not long after the proposed deal was announced. Electronic highlights on the deal will be available to union members Sunday night.

The previous agreement was overwhelmingly rejected by union membership.

Editor’s Note: The original Facebook post from UAW showed a poll that took place on November 7th. That post has since been directed to read November 2nd.

MOLINE, Illinois (KWWL) – The negotiating team with United Auto Workers says they have entered into a preliminary agreement with Deere & Company, the parent company of John Deere.

UAW leaders, President Ray Curry and UAW Vice President Chuck Browning, announced the announcement Saturday, adding that union members would remain on strike until the agreement could be ratified through a vote.

“Our UAW John Deere National Negotiation Team went back to our local members after the previous preliminary agreement and examined the concerns and priorities for membership.” said Curry. “We would like to thank the UAW negotiating team and striking UAW members and their families for the sacrifices they have made to achieve these gains. Our members have enjoyed the support of our communities and the entire national labor movement as they have stood together in support. and solidarity in the last few weeks. ”

Browning added that the agreement includes “improved financial gains and continues to provide the highest quality healthcare in the industry.”

“The dealers focused on improving the areas of concern that our members identified during our final ratification process,” Browning said.

The union said it would not release the details of the deal until members have a chance to review the proposed deal.

Deere & Company also announced the second interim agreement, which is a six-year employment agreement covering approximately 10,100 production and maintenance workers at 12 facilities in Iowa, Illinois and Kansas. Deere and UAW have also entered into a preliminary agreement on a new six-year employment agreement covering nearly 100 production and maintenance workers at Deere spare parts facilities in Denver and Atlanta.


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