Victims of stabbing at Winnipeg hospital remembered by friends, colleagues


The victims of two killings in and around Winnipeg are remembered by friends and colleagues trying to process their deaths.

Judy Swain is the woman who was found dead Wednesday in her farmhouse near New Bothwell, Man., According to friends.

Stuart Farley, Swain’s ex-husband, was also found dead the same day at his home in Winnipeg’s West End.

“He was simply a nice man,” said LéAmber Kensley, who knew Farley through Winnipeg’s pagan community. “The shock of it all has been a little overwhelming.”

Friends have identified Farley as the man in his 70s found dead in his home in Toronto St. Wednesday night – a homicide Winnipeg police and the RCMP have since linked to a serious stabbing at Seven Oaks Hospital and Swain’s homicide.

Earlier in the day on Wednesday, the RCMP, who was doing a well-being check, discovered a 73-year-old woman dead in her home near New Bothwell.

Friends and colleagues have identified the victim as Swain, who ran a small farm and worked with a group promoting small farms and locally grown food.

“She’s just one of those people who lights up a room,” said Phil Veldhuis, president of Direct Farm Manitoba, a group Swain was a member of and had the role of treasurer.

According to court records and friends, Swain and Farley divorced more than ten years ago.

A suspect in the deaths, a man in his 30s, is an employee at Seven Oaks Hospital, who was arrested on Wednesday afternoon after a critical stabbing with another employee at the facility. That employee has since been upgraded to steady state.

Police believe all three incidents may be related, saying the suspect was known to the victims.

Police said Friday that no charges have been filed in any of the three incidents.

Veldhuis said he has known Swain for 10 years. He remembers her as a community-oriented person with a passion for agriculture, something he said she had pretty much done on her own lately.

“Like all farmers, we will probably think of two things: grief over the loss of the person, but also concern that the animals on the farm are being looked after, and try to ensure that there is no more suffering because of this terrible thing,” said Veldhuis.

He has been told that measures have been taken to look after Swain’s animals.

Meanwhile, friends of Farley said they plan to hold a ceremony in his honor.

Police on Friday will not say whether the suspect arrested at the hospital has finished undergoing a medical assessment.

Investigators have said they are only dealing with one suspect at this time.

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