Victoria Police must pay $ 11.75 million plus costs for injuries to Chris Karadaglis

Victoria Police will pay Chris Karadaglis of Warnambool $ 11.75 million in a settlement filed in Victoria’s Supreme Court earlier this month. Karadaglis had been left paralyzed from the neck down after police officers allegedly used excessive force on him in November 2017.

Karadaglis had been home alone when three Victoria police officers arrived in response to a noise complaint, and according to court papers obtained by the AAP, he had “no threat to police officers or anyone else.”

The documents stated that: “One of the officers used excessive force on the plaintiff, who suffered a devastating injury to his cervical spine.”

The injury left Mr Karadaglis a paraplegic, paralyzed from the neck down.

The documents stated that the force used against Mr Karadaglis was “cowardly and brutal” and “a violation of his dignity” in ruthless ignorance of having been inflicted on him.

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According to court documents, two of the officers allegedly went to the hospital where Mr Karadaglis was being treated and told a nurse he was “pretending” his injuries.

Sir. Karadaglis asked Victoria Police to pay exemplary damages to show the court’s disapproval of the incident and to serve as a deterrent that drives home the message that police officers in dealing with a non-violent offender must “avoid foreseeable harm” , and that they “must be trained, assessed, monitored and trained properly”.

While the documents did not cause the officers any wrongdoing or liability, on October 1, Victoria Police agreed to pay Mr. Karadagli $ 11.75 million minus any reimbursement to the National Disability Insurance Agency as well as his legal costs.

A spokeswoman for Victoria Police said a “settlement had been reached with a man injured during an arrest in 2017” but that the terms were confidential and that there were no further comments.

According to “The Guardian”, the court on October 1 ordered that the payment be made before the end of the month.

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