WA firefighters could drive ambulances to cover severe paramedic shortage, Mark McGowan says

Firefighters would be called in to drive ambulances under a plan put forward by Premier Mark McGowan to address a severe shortage of paramedics across the State, The West Australian reports.

Greater government intervention in St John WA’s operations was also flagged as Mr McGowan questioned why the not-for-profit had delayed implementing critical worker protocols, which would give paramedics exposed to COVID permission to continue working.

The workers would be required to return negative RAT tests daily.

Geraldton grandmother, Georgina Wild died while waiting for an abulance
Camera IconGeraldton grandmother, Georgina Wild died while waiting for an ambulance. Credit: 9NEWS/9NEWS

The ambulance service is in the spotlight after 80-year-old Ashby woman Georgina Wild died of a suspected heart attack while waiting more 2.5 hours for help to arrive in the early hours of Sunday morning.

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