WA Premier labels Covid-19 anti-vaxxers ‘crazy, cute and dangerous’

Western Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan has blown up COVID-19 anti-vaxxers and labeled them “crazy, cute and dangerous” as he urged them to “behave like normal, rational people” and get stung.

Sir. McGowan, who has overcome abuse and threats from anti-waxxers after mandating the vaccine to certain industries, said their behavior only served to harden the state government’s determination.

“We are more determined to put in place measures to get people vaccinated,” he told reporters Sunday.

More than 1,000 people gathered at Elizabeth Quay in the CBD for a protest against Covid-19 jab on Saturday.

Asked if he was worried that the anti-vaccine mood was growing, Mr McGowan said: “It’s worrying. I just urge these people to go and get vaccinated … the time to protest and read crazy conspiracy theorists online is over.”

McGowan said he actually thought the campaign had recently stalled despite the demonstration.

“But some of the material they spread is extreme, misleading and frankly a lie,” he said.

McGowan Vax
Camera iconPremier Mark McGowan received the AstraZeneca vaccine. Colin Murty / Australians Credit: Corp Australia company profile

The premiere said they should “get on with life like everyone else”.

“They read crazy theories online that are untrue,” he said.

“This waste posted online and some of the lies and misleading information … is dangerous.

“I just encourage them to stop, go and get vaccinated and just behave like normal, rational people.”

Protesters are reportedly planning another demonstration on Monday in the city.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister announced that boostershots would be available in WA from Monday, with no requirement to book an appointment.

On Thursday, the federal government announced that the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Vaccinations had recommended booster jabs to adults after the Pfizer vaccine was approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Federal Health Secretary Greg Hunt said the program would officially begin on November 8, but Mr McGowan said any WA adult who had received their second vaccine dose more than six months ago could go to a state clinic from Monday for their third jab.

“The medical advice is, no matter what vaccine you had first, the booster vaccine is now the Pfizer vaccine,” Mr McGowan said.

“I just urge everyone in that position to go and get your booster vaccine, and as time goes on, more and more people will naturally be eligible as they reach the six month period from their second dose.”

On Saturday, it was announced that all travelers to WA from medium, high and extreme risk jurisdictions will be doubly vaccinated from 5 November.

Not delivered
Camera iconNot delivered Credit: The Western Australian

Sir. McGowan said Sunday that it will currently include people from NSW, Victoria and ACT.

“Queensland will soon drop its border with NSW and Victoria, as will South Australia and Tasmania,” he said.

“We expect that they will get community spread of the virus, probably before Christmas.

“So that would mean we can introduce the requirement for double-dose vaccination once they get the virus spread in the local community, based on health advice.

“We have not received the advice yet, and we also need to take into account the advice of the lawyers, but of course as it spreads in the states that will provide that opportunity.”

Despite the number of cases in NSW falling, McGowan said he was not yet ready to ease border restrictions.

“They are opening up international borders without the requirement of quarantine, and we just have to monitor that,” he said.

“There could be further spread of the virus, or you could get people to say, ‘I want to go to NSW and leave the country, come back to NSW and then just come home,'” which is Covid-positive.

“I just want us to get through this period and reach very high levels of vaccinations before we risk people coming from NSW, Victoria or actually abroad who would spread the virus here.”


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