Warm weather brewing could fuel another heatwave, Met Office says | Climate News

Forecasters are keeping an eye on warm weather brewing for the weekend and next week, saying yet another heatwave may be on the cards.

Only yesterday firefighters were called out to more fires, and last week the country suffered in record heat, which melted roads, buckled train lines and fuelled wildfires that destroyed homes.

This week’s conditions could feel “quite pleasant” as the weather warms into the weekend, especially in the south, the Met Office has said.

Temperatures could hit 28C (82F) in London and much of England and Wales may experience weather in the mid-20s Celsius.

The warm front is expected to pick up into the start of next week, “bringing above average temperatures for many,” said Stephen Dixon, Met Office spokesperson.

“However, whether this would be classed as an official Met Office heatwave is still open to some uncertainty as there’s a big range in possible temperatures for next week,” he added.

To be classified a heatwave, temperatures must hit 28C in London and 25C for much of the rest of the country, for three consecutive days.

Heatwaves are “unilaterally” linked with climate change caused by human activity, according to international scientists.

Earlier this year the Met Office revised its heatwave thresholds across parts of England to reflect the “undeniable warming trend” for the UK that had rendered the original thresholds outdated.

The UK is already around 1°C hotter than it was in the 1950s.

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