Watch a powerful new zombie spell for magic: The Gathering’s Crimson Vow set

The next Magic: The Gathering set, Crimson Vow, launches at MTG Arena on November 11 in the US (November 12 in ANZ), with the physical version available in gaming stores globally on November 19 (with pre-release on November 12) . It takes players back to the Gothic horror scene of Innistrad. Where the last set, Midnight Hunt – which also took place on this plane – was themed around the Werewolves, and introduced a cool day / night system, Crimson Vow Vampires has as its central focus, including a series of cards inspired by the only one. Dracula.

That’s fine, of course, but classic horror is more than just werewolves and vampires, and today we have a new card to reveal that will help lift one of the other monstrous creatures that were present in Midnight Hunt and now being expanded to Crimson Vow – Zombies. The card is Necroduality:

Necroduality's regular frame and borderless frame.

Necroduality’s regular frame and borderless frame.

Anyone who has tried the many variations of Dimir (blue / black) Zombies tires (such as this one) over the last few months would know that zombies already have the potential for real snowball, and this enchantment represents a great way to double down on it, or to help swing the board back later in a game.

“Necroduality is one of my favorite types of cards in Magic,” product architect Mike Turian told me. “A card that you take, and once you read it, the card makes you go back and re-evaluate an entire class of cards to find the perfect cards you can best utilize. In this case, with Necroduality creating a copy of every non-token Zombie that enters the battlefield under your control, this changes the effect of every zombie creature, resurrection spell and card that changes creature types in Magic.It’s a lot of amazing cards to combine Necroduality with! Crimson Vow has a nice number of zombie creatures It’s getting better right away. When you consider that many of the zombies have exploitation and other powerful sacrificial effects, Necroduality will provide a good feed of creatures and powerful combinations! to have, but I bet they’ll start their own zombie apocalypse in no time! “

Good corpse, bad corpse.

Good corpse, bad corpse.

I also asked Mike how the team handled the task of following on from Midnight Hunt while also standing apart. “Midnight Hunt was such an amazing set and our players loved coming back to Innistrad,” he said. “We knew Innistrad’s fans’ favorite plane would be a hit again, so with Crimson Vow we sought to bring in pieces of Midnight Hunt, while renewing and making Crimson Vow its own set. The focus shift from Werewolves to Vampires is one way , on which we could both continue what was amazing at Midnight Hunt while giving Crimson Vow space.

“Another way we differentiate the sets is by introducing some new gameplay mechanics that were not available in Midnight Hunt. For example, Cleave opens up a whole new space in how you think about casting a spell. The introduction of Blood tokens for Vampires to party by, let’s get vampires doing something completely new and different! ” You can read all about the new mechanics here. And you can see the maps that have been revealed so far here.

Crimson Vow is set to be a fun return visit to Innistrad, so be sure to check out what this vampire-filled collection of cards has to offer on the official website.

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