Watch the sun guys from solar flares in this fascinating NASA video

A new NASA video from a spacecraft that sees the sun has captured a spectacular view of solar flares erupting from the star this week just before Halloween.

The video, taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Orbiter, shows fascinating close-ups of solar flares blowing from the sun between Monday and Thursday (October 25-28), ending with a large X1 class solar storm that could amplify Earth’s Northern Lights exhibits on Halloween weekend.

Brighter than a glittering ghost, faster than a flick of a black cat’s tail, the sun threw a spell in our direction, just in time for Halloween, “NASA officials wrote in a video description.

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NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this stunning image, a still image from a video, of a powerful X1 eruption erupting from the sun on October 28, 2021. (Image credit: NASA / GSFC / SDO)

Do you see the northern lights?

If you take a photo of Halloween’s Northern Lights from the solar flare, send photos and comments in to [email protected].

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