Weather in UK: Met Office issues yellow weather warnings as forecast for strong gusts | Weather news

Strong gusts of wind from the west will bring a “wild start” to Sunday for parts of the UK, the Met Office has said.

Wind speeds can reach over 50 mph in some parts, with the potential for disruption and further wet weather into the first week of November.

The Met Office issued yellow warnings on Saturday, and they remain in place in several parts of the country, including in Glasgow – where COP26 is due to begin on Sunday.

Steven Keats, a meteorologist at the Meteorologist, said conditions would begin to “go downhill” in the west all Sunday.

“Further west, heavy rain will increase and there will be some heavy rain from the Atlantic Ocean,” he said.

“It will dominate the weather into tomorrow. Heavy rain will penetrate … western parts of England and Wales and be accompanied by some fairly strong and strong winds.”

Sir. Keats said parts of Wales and the south of England could see winds of around 40 or 50 mph, which “could potentially cause problems”.

“It’s going to be a pretty wild start to Sunday,” he added.

“Considering the fact that the trees are in full leaves and the soil is pretty saturated in many areas, you can make one or trees fall. It gets very uneasy.”

An abandoned car in floodwaters near Donyatt in Somerset.  Image Date: Saturday, October 30, 2021.
Saturday brought traffic disruptions for some, including the owner of this car near Donyatt in Somerset

On Saturday, there were seven flood warnings in place in England, including five in the Lake District and two in the southwest.

Large parts of the country experienced heavy rainfall and flooding, with Honister Pass in Cumbria experiencing 110 mm of rain in 48 hours.

Emergency services are searching in the river.  Photo: Martin Cavaney
Emergency services are searching for the Cleddau River in Haverfordwest. Photo: Martin Cavaney

In Wales, the Coast Guard, police, fire brigade and ambulance services conducted a search for reports of people in distress on the Cleddau River in Haverfordwest.

The incident was described as “worrying” and “a tragedy”, with local politicians passing on their support to those involved.

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